Thursday, December 16, 2010


I can whole heartedly say that I have found peace in my life. It does not matter if I have money, clothes, shelter, love, or food. I have peace irregardless of these items. The Universe is way more simple than even the brightest minds currently imagine.

Believe it or not 90% of all of your problems. You.. that is right You have the ability to solve. Not just your life´s problems but your life´s questions as well. You don´t believe me? … Simplification of problems underscore the truth or resolution that normally leads to an answer. Example, do most of you remember mathematical equations? How do you logically solve a problem? It is only when we simplify the most complex problem in a logical manner that we are able to deduce the correct answer. It is when we compound our problems that the resolution seems impossible. When looking at any problem it is best to simplify, whether mathematical, physical, spiritual, relationship, or any problem for that matter. The Universe follows patterns. Why not abide by them?

I remember playing a friend in a friendly chess match. When I first met him he was a casual chess player. At the time I was a devout chess club player. After losing repeatedly to me he began to study the game of chess.  He wanted to beat me in a game of chess. Do you know what? He  improved he beat almost every player on campus. He even played The current world champion Viswanthe Anand. In a simultaneous exhibition chess tournament. He was one of the last players left standing in a simul of 200 players that faced Anand. ( A 13 hour chess bout). Yet he never beat me.

When people asked him after many failed attempts why he could not dethrone me in chess.
His response;  ¨Mel won not because he is intelligent, but because he is good in pattern recognition.¨

At first I took this statement as a slap in the face, an insult.
Spiritual growth has tought me to view his statement as a compliment.
I play chess like I play life.  I am a decent chess player because I am the cumulative effect of many losses. I remember my previous defeats and try to steer clear of similar paths not headed towards victory. I recognize the pattern.

That is right pattern recognition! That´s correct you don´t have to be the smartest individual to excel in the game of life, or in chess for that matter. Recognizing patterns in life can help you steer clear of many obstacles in this world. Similar to the movie ¨Matrix¨ look for the Matrix in real life. The pattern, once you find it try to break the pattern. Or use it to your benefit.
  Recognize patterns before they turn distrastrous. Recognize patterns when they may possibly create an advantage for you. Always be on the look out for repetitive lessons that you have learned before. Don´t forget life lessons that you have learned previously.   Example, You are in a relationship with someone and they demonstrate moral characteristics that you don´t approve of. Especially, if you have dated someone in the past that exhibited the same traits and things turned out badly.  The Universe is trying to tell you something.
Use that historical knowledge to make a positive change in your life.  There is a saying. He that does not learn from history is doomed to make the same mistakes in the future. Recognize the patterns. You date an abusive control oriented person, and this person is not the first.  Recognize the the pattern. You procrastinate and don´t achieve personal goals. Pattern recognition.  You seem to always get looked over at work. Pattern recognition.  Recognize and then attempt to do something positive with the data.

Back to our problems
Sometimes we tend to over think our problems. We pass over the simple solutions.

As humans most of us attempt to use reason and logic to resolve most of our problems. Problems ranging from the mundane. Problems ranging from how one should relieve oneself and properly dispose of one´s cellular waste. To questions ranging on the creation of our universe and time travel. SIMPLICITY!... The American Army has a wonderful adage on this. K.I.S.S. The abbreviation means Keep it Simple Stupid.

Is pattern recognition so bad if it provides you with the answer? If you are in combat and it keeps you alive? If it works why fix it? Simplification at times can bring out clarity.

When we compound our problems, when we begin to drive down the wrong path.
When you forgo knowledge and forget previous lessons in life, Chaos wins.  When you chose not to use the gift of thought. You welcome more Chaos into our world into your life.
Be a proponent of logic. Use reason and logic when facing life's problems. Above all simplify! If you have a problem resolve it or remove yourself from the equation. The answer will present itself.

Simplify not just your problems in life. Simplify your Life!  Efficiency is a key to your happiness. Chaos or the lack of order only brings your spirit down.

May you find Peace, May you walk against the current of the world. You are never alone.
Your Fellow Traveler,

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