Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Welcome All

The first item at hand, allow me to cordially welcome you and thank you for visiting my blog. I feel that most of us are on a journey to discover inner peace. Some of us have forgotten that we have embarked on this journey and have become side tracked by life. Others quest and search through and through to no avail, and have still not found the inner peace that so many of us desire. I have found a pathway to inner peace and I wish to share it with other open minded individuals. Peace will come from within, but your mind must be prepared to see things differently.

Let me start with a quick background about me and we will begin.

I was a child raised in the bible heartland of Texas. I would consider myself a devout Christian.
As I studied the bible many questions arose. The most scholarly pastors were unable to resolve my questions. I turned to science for answers, yet I was still unable to find what I was looking for. I challenged other derivatives of Christianity and other religions. Yet, it seemed that I had been left with a cold void inside. I just wanted the simple truth. To search for God through the eyes of a child. I wanted inner peace.

God.. if there was one, who was he? Why did he let bad things happen? Why are there so many theories about religion? If we don´t believe the same thing will someone be cast into hell? Why did all of this seem so confusing? Why have I suffered and so many other people suffer as we speak? Etc. etc. etc....

I am sure that I am not the only human to ask these questions. Fundamental questions that longed to be resolved. Luckily, I was fortunate to be given the answer. I have actually shared my secret with very few people on earth. I did not want to share it with anyone for the longest time. Call me greedy or selfish. I felt special and unique that I had a secret. I shared it with my girl friend and watched her face light up. Her words ¨ It felt like a weight had be lifted off of my soul.¨ but remember the secret is only the beginning. It is the opening of a door. Behind the door leads down a path of enlightenment. It is a journey. I wish to find others who care to journey with me. I no longer wish to walk alone. In all actuality its really not even a secret. Nature screams the answer and shows us examples but most of us have long since stop listening. Man creates his own rules to spirituality at times. The real truth is a truth that you feel within your heart. It is a good truth. Yet you must continue to grow spiritually. But you will have an advantage over so many other people. This being my first entry... I would like to pose a couple of questions before sharing the truth. Do you believe in Hell? Are you like so many of us that feel bad about sins or wrongs you have committed? Would you like to find peace? Is there something missing in your religion, your church? Do you have questions that don´t seem to have an answer?

I implore you to hold onto your questions a little bit longer, and take a brief walk with me. I promise that a bit of your load will be lifted. Journey with me and stay tuned for more.........

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