Thursday, February 13, 2014


As we travel through the winding road of life, we realize that we impact and change life around us while simultaneously life is also changing us. We call this reality. Which in fact is not real because the only thing that constitutes the perception of real , is something that does not change. In our universe everything changes.  Everything changes from your cells,  the planets, the stars and even space itself.  Nothing is real. We are energy changing forms throughout eternity.

I decided to write on the subject of change, because I have had a paradigm shift spiritually. Today I read some of my previous posts on my blog and noticed my own changes. I feel that I have grown a bit more spiritually in the two years absence of my blog writing. I no longer believe the answer to the question on why we exist is because God or some omnipotent power placed us here.  I believe that we are here as generators of this awesome energy that we call love. I believe the universe delights in the creation of this wonderful ether.

I have also become agnostic. I do not believe that man has any definitive proof of the existence or nonexistence of a deity or deities. I would consider myself a possibilian. I welcome open discourse on the subject.  However, I believe that mankind should use its wonderful intellect not on debating between the two dichotomies of beliefs, but rather focusing on what unites mankind instead of systems that divide us.

This is a wonderful period for mankind as a whole. More and more people are becoming spiritually aware. They are waking up. This time period will be known as the flowering of mankind. Like Earth's Cambian period when the first flowers appeared. Now is the time that many  people are blossoming spiritually. This is necessary to actually ensure our survival as a species. Spiritual enlightenment is the next stage of evolution. Without this event becoming a realization, Mother Nature will scrap the human project. Ninety Nine percent  of all species that have ever once walked the Earth are extinct. If we cannot get it right, then Mother Nature will have no problem starting over again.

 The flowering begins by taking a journey and looking at your inner self. Who are you? Once you answer this question  there is a realization of  how amazing and powerful we are as beings. We have not tapped into but a tenth of our potential.  I have witnessed some truly miraculous events as I have  journeyed on my quest for inner peace. I have been transformed by the power of love. I am grateful. I hope to share some of the things that I have learned with you. I want to bloom like the many spiritual flowers before me. Jesus, Buddha, Musashi, Gandhi. There are many people who have found enlightenment and there will be many more of us who will evolve. We will change the world.  Man must change or cease to exist. I hope you evolve. I urge you to blossom.

You are a form of energy that has no limits or boundaries. You are limitless and eternal. You are one with the universal consciousness. You are far more than what you believe that you are. You are beautiful, unique and an elegant creation of our universe. You are love incarnate. Life and love can transcend great distances, even dimensions. Our essence is not bound by the physical laws of the universe. We are quanta!  This all starts from looking within. Spiritual growth is the prerequisite needed to change our world. Spiritual growth is contagious. A simple thought is all that is needed to transform our reality. Love will bring it into being.
I urge everyone to open your mind, turn off the media and look within.  We all have the answer you just have to look. "When the student is ready the teacher will appear." Chinese Proverb

It all starts with you. If you want to change the world, go no further than your doorstep. You will see someone who needs help. If each of us make an honest attempt to help those less fortunate within our field of vision. Drastic changes will come about. Your purpose is to help others, love and learn about yourself. Follow your heart and guidance will appear.  "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

May peace and love forever follow you!
Your Brother,

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