Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Canvas

The Canvas

Our lives are similar to blank canvases. One has the ability to paint with vibrant colors and hues. Or paint morosely, using placid colors shades of black and gray. It is ultimately you who is the artist. In the end it is you that must live with your painting. So why not make it a masterpiece? One interwoven with tales of adventure, love and fulfillment. A painting that when viewed upon by onlookers, there upon seeing it, leave with a little bit of envy. Or better yet, wanting you to share your secrets of how you paint so well.

We all started with a blank canvas. The canvas of life is one that is extremely interactive. You are painting in a classroom full of other artists. Sharing details, experiences, even at time simultaneously painting on each others canvases. Like many painters, we strive to improve our paintings, our lives, our very perception of this world.

Since we are all on a journey towards a higher state of enlightenment. I am reiterating things some of the best travelers have said before in the past.

  1. Rid yourself of Negative People
    These are artist that don´t really like their paintings and are happy if somehow they ruin yours as well. Surround your self with positive supportive people.  Positive people give off good energy. In turn you will learn to reciprocate. I would be willing to bet that most positive people are great artist already. If in someway you are not able to free yourself at this moment from someone negative I.E a family member, parent or spouse. Protect your canvas as much as possible from thier negative energy.
    You can also try to help them paint or become positive. Unfortunately many times this may not be an option. Look to either help this person, limit contact or sever this person from your life. Techniques on managing a relationship with this person or winning them over to the positive side are written in a myriad of books. Once again I like Dale Carnegie. Realize most people don´t change until they want to. It is possible to help them, but ensure that your environment is healthy first. Seek positive friends, social networks, support groups and churches outside the realm of negativity for support. Remember, in regards to negative people, the closer the proximity to you the greater the venom and tissue damage!

  1. Follow examples.
    If you want to emulate success would you not want to follow teachings of someone successful?
    If you are inspired by someone whether it be in business, sports or anything for that matter would it not make sense to gain knowledge from that individual who is successful? If you are a Christian study about Jesus, Nihilist study Ayn Rand, Buddhist Dalai Lama. I actually would encourage you to study them all. To have an open mind, to take what is good and apply it to your painting. Maybe you discover that one style, technique or religion may be better suited for you. Use your mind. Opening your mind to new spiritual encounters, it can strengthen your spirit. It can also give you a unique and wonderful look on life.   An open mind is a wonderful thing that unfortunately many individuals don´t have. It is a blessing. Use it.
    I actually found the 18 steps  or rules to living life quite helpful. I added a link to a video for your convenience.

  2. Prayer an meditation.
    Think of prayer as if you are asking the art teacher for help. Be patient the teacher will come and help you. You must believe that he will help. Meditation is a wonderful practice to clear and focus the mind. If life is our canvas, then meditation would be you cleaning your paint brush. Dipping the tip in water so that you may paint again. If you have never meditated or don´t know how, I would encourage learning it. Buddhist have used the powers of meditation for centuries. I would definitely try adhering to their techniques. However, like prayer there are many different styles and methods and ways to meditate. I have supplied one my favorite sights on matter.

  3.  Activate.
Not everyone was born as Heidi Klum or has a washboard stomach like the trainer for the 8 min abs video. However, being active in your life, goes a very long way. When you work out, your body actually releases positive endorphins that can uplift your mood. You can increase your metabolism through a healthy diet and exercise has been proven to boost your energy levels throughout your day. Not to mention it can help boost your self esteem, especially when you look in the mirror and notice subtle changes. You don´t have to live at the gym. You can do little things to burn calories. Set parameters on yourself like discontinue using the remote control when you watch television. Walk as often as you can. Spend more time outdoors. Don´t drink or do drugs if your sad, or better yet don´t drink and do drugs period. The world pressures everyone enough about physical beauty. You don´t need your own internal pressure as well. Do the little things. Set small attainable goals like diet and a feasible exercise routine that you can stick too. Take care of your self. It is a lot easier to do a little now, then to have to start when a Doctor has told you that you have to. Oh, that reminds me make sure you get regular medical check ups.

  1. The Good Samaritan.
    Give to a stranger, be a good friend, Do something nice for another individual. This goes a long way spiritually. However, don´t stop there. Be a good receiver as well. Allow people to give to you when you need help. Be as good as a receiver as a giver. If our life force and interacting with others is an exchange of an unseen energy. Then by giving positive energy to another may mean that positive energy will return to you. But never give in the expectation that you will receive something in return. Give because that is Love. The most powerful energy in the universe.

Remember the longest journey begins with a step. As you continue on your journey realize that there are other travelers like yourself. They strive for what is right. What is good in all men. They believe in hope and like you, they desire to change not only themselves but the world into a better place. You are not alone. I urge you to find others and share a forum of like minds.

Your Fellow Traveler,


  1. Excellent writing and good advice. I found your blog on Link Referral. Here's to the power of the positive. Remember, people need to vent their stressful emotions too before they can empower themselves. What do you think? Peace, Light, Aloha....Gary Eby, MSW

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. I agree venting helps alleviate stress. You have been very gracious with your words. Thank you again.