Friday, December 10, 2010


Have you ever sat on a beach and watched the ocean? The feeling of tranquility is indescribable.

The ocean is so tranquil, entrepreneurs cash in using the sound of the ocean for meditation and relaxation therapies. It is soothing, comforting. Your mind can escape to a better place. I have been blessed by living 100 meters from the Pacific Ocean. Sunny Costa Rica. I sleep amidst the sound of the ocean. I wake up and swim in my pool. Water has become my life.

I have also found time to pounder life´s questions and uncertainties. My biggest qualm is how we treat each other as human beings. My last blog entry I concluded by saying if you have not, that you really should read the book. ¨How to Win Friends and Influence People.¨ I cannot say enough about this book. Most people really do not know how to act and interrelate with other individuals. This is an excellent handbook. Yesterday, I had a friend post a comment on the Internet on how an individual stormed into her office and said such horrible things it would make the most hardy sea legged sailor cringe.

Which brings us back to walking towards the path of Peace. How do you feel? Knowing that your not going to go to Hell? Kind of liberating huh? Especially if you subscribe to the Judo-Christianity principles that most of us are quite familiar with. In no means having this knowledge gives a person a free pass to do whatever you like. On the contrary. Living in excess will only put you back in a state of being unfulfilled. Life is a journey. Life can be difficult. You have help, You have resources. No matter how it may seem at times. You are never alone.

Back to the ocean. Why does the ocean seem to pacify most people? What is so special about the ocean that I see tourist upon tourist spending money they don´t necessarily have just to come and walk on my beach? Simple, Water.

It´s also because you are witnessing a miracle. The caress of the warm sand under your feet. The salty tingle of fresh air that can only be compared to the fresh smell of air after a warm rain. The spectacular vistas that leave you awestruck and breathless. The crashing of each wave that reminds us of how powerful and revitalizing water can be. Beaches have long since been known as places of meditation. Places of sanctity.

The must important aspect of the beach is it´s water. Every religion known to man uses water as an element of cleansing. We all know the aspects of water.

As you go about your day today and every day, make sure that you include water. Water is an element for cleansing. A crucial element of life itself. Cleanses your body, your internal organs and most importantly your soul. When you feel down, or you need to rejuvenate allow water to comfort you. We are close relatives of water. We are comprised mostly of this wonderful element. Use it during meditation, prayer. Yes, Prayer. Pray in the shower, in a bath tub. All Christians were reborn from this element. Water is a wonderful blessing. My friends and family I wish you all a wonderful day. And a pleasant walk. May Peace always be with you.

Your Friend and Brother,

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